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MK44 1BS
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Contact : Tim Wilkinson
Tel : 01234 708877
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Welcome to Sackville Flying Club

Visitors by air please note that with effect from 9th September 2014 Sackville Radio 119.200 is no longer in use. Please transmit your intentions blind to "Sackville Traffic" on SafetyCom 135.475
Sackville Flying Club, based in a quiet, pleasant rural location in North Bedfordshire, is home to a lively group of aviators, all of whom are passionate about flying. Within the club are three groups, whose interests span the three disciplines of Gliding, Microlight Flying and Power Flying. Many of our members have interests in more than one discipline, and indeed, some in all three. In addition, Tim has taken up Hot Air Ballooning and as a result we now host many more balloon launches than previously. We also host the annual Grass Roots Balloon Meet each autumn. Sackville Farm is home to an eclectic mix of aircraft, including several Group A aircraft, a self launching motor glider, a self launching sailplane, numerous flex wing and fixed wing microlights and a hot air balloon. This site provides general information about the activities of the Club, a photograph gallery with photographs from events, expeditions and fly-ins and location details for visitors by air and road.

Club Scene Facilities
  • Large 730m x 28m grass strip under uncontrolled airspace
  • Hangarage
  • Workshop facilites
  • Club house facilties

The club is friendly and has a lively social scene. In the summer months we organise a number of activities, including :
  • Regular fly-outs to rallies, other airfields and day trips to the coast
  • Group flights to the continent, Isle of Wight, etc
  • Social events and BBQs
  • Hosting a number of fly-ins for groups like the Vintage Aircraft Club
  • Hosting the Grass Roots Ballooning Meet each autumn
For dates of our social events, please see our Events Page.
Club Scene

Club Scene Visitors
Visitors are most welcome, and trial lessons in Microlights are available for those who wish to 'give it a try'. We welcome many Visitors by air each year and extend a warm welcome to any aviators in any almost type of aircraft who would like to visit. If you wish, you can camp overnight. All we ask is that you look at the Airfield Information Page and consider our neighbours before visiting. There are also details of how to find us by road on that page. We look forward to welcoming you.
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